Part 1 - Drawing and Painting the Scenes...


I have made great progress so far on the page backgrounds. These will be added to the book layout with the 3D model characters overlaid into position. 

The Ironbridge

The Ironbridge - Probably one of if not the most famous part of Telford. A large chunk of my life has always evolved around Ironbridge. Its part of where I grew up as a young teenager, and later in my mid twenties I moved back there and I haven't left since! Such a beautiful part of the world with an amazing history. 

With some photoshop tweaking I managed to make sure the bridge was exactly symmetrical by duplicating the one half of my drawing. As the bridge is an important iconic landmark I wanted to make sure it was perfect! And of course it is now being restored and painted a dark terracotta red colour! So I'm hoping I have matched it ok! 


The Power Station

This brings back so many memories for me, I loved drawing this scene! Its one of those places thats always there in the background - a bit like the Wrekin. Many times I have sat in Dale End park gazing at the reflection of the power station in the river. Even though its an industrial site I have always found it quite relaxing as view.



Wonderland in Telford Town Park - Funnily enough I have spent much more time in wonderland as an adult with my niece and god daughter rather than when I was a child. So my perspective is slightly different than that of a memory. However I decided to pick out two of the small fairytale houses that I feel are quite iconic. The crooked house and snow whites house.  

The Spider Web

Another great memory of mine - The spider web at Telford Town Park. I spent many days here as a child and am very proud to say I did get all the way to the top! 

I got a little carried away with this drawing and only used one image to use as a guide because my memories of it are very vivid. I later discovered (at the end of drawing it) That the refurb had meant the colour is now green not red! So after some tweaking and re-colouring I managed to get the colour right... 'I think' 

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 15.40.22.png

Keep an eye out for Part 2 I'll be showing the next scenes... Wellington Market, AFC Telford and more!