Part 2 - Drawing and Painting the Scenes

Part 2 - An insight into the drawings of the scenes going into the book... 

Wellington Market

I have spent a lot of time visiting Wellington Market. Sometimes there are things that you just can't buy from a main stream centre! I used to go to Wellington Market nearly every week when I was creating my previous book 'The Wrekin Giant' I would visit the small dolls house stall and buy props and clothing to go into the book....not forgetting to grab a doughnut on the way out! (Please excuse my messy art station) I can't be creative and tidy at the same time! haha.


The Train

Perhaps a replica of a Virgin train - A few years back I won a local competition to 'name a virgin train' Which is now our main service from Shropshire to London, and of course I named it 'The Wrekin Giant' So I had a lot of inspiration to go by with this drawing...


AFC Telford UTD

This has been one of the trickiest drawings so far. It could be because I haven't spent much time here unfortunately. Not since back when I was at TCAT studying art & design where I used to sneakily go off to the local bar at lunch time. So this took a few attempts especially to get the angle I was looking for, but alas! I got there in the end...

Gradient and Telford UTD banner added using photoshop...


Telford Ice Rink

A very iconic part of Telford. There aren't many towns that have their own ice rink so I think were quite lucky! My best friend used to work here when we were younger and I spent a lot of time hanging around on the ice waiting for her to finish. I never did get as good on the ice as her! 

I added some texture to the ice as water colour wasn't quite enough to get the 'cold, glassy look'


Ironbridge - Street view

This is towards the end of the story when the characters return from their adventure! I decided to change the view of Ironbridge slightly, as its my favourite place in Telford I wanted people to see the full picturesque view of the street that leads to the bridge.

Walk back scene.jpg

Keep an eye out for the next part - Final additions to the page scenes and the making of the model characters!