How to create The Ironbridge Ogre Outfit


Want to create your own Ironbridge Ogre outfit?

We have put together some great tips from the making of our real life Ogre… Follow the guide below to create your Ironbridge Ogre outfit!

Useful links for outfit materials

Childs Purple Morph Suit

Hippo Mask




Straw Hat

Start by creating the mask

This is the most detailed part of the outfit.

Hands & Feet

We have used rubber material for hands and feet. But many different types of fancy dress items could work for this. As long as you can get them in purple and or change the colour to purple and add on details for nails. Follow the guide below.

Morph Suit & Ears

Morph Suit guide.jpg


Black waistcoat | Khaki green joggers | Cowboy style hat

We hope you enjoy making the Ogre outfit. We would love to see your pictures of the final outfit!

Ogre-thumbs up.jpg

Follow the journey…